There are similarities – cryptocurrencies are mined, cryptocurrencies are invested in…

Can you even believe there are people out there walking around who have not heard of

Bitcoin ?

Cryptocurrency is sneaking up on them and will have arrived in their lives before they are aware of it.

Yes it has been dismissed by great so called financial ‘experts’ such as Warren Buffet and other prominent figures in the banking industry.

Are you aware that Warren Buffet

does not use email or a smartphone ?

Perhaps he is out of touch with today’s technology…..

Bankers have reason to fear the


It could threaten their industry….

There are numerous suggestions that the blockchain ledger system and the crypto industry is akin to the start of the internet back in 1995.  That change was spurred on as the world moved from text based operating systems to GUI operating systems, which enabled ease-of-use and worldwide adoption.

Can you imagine the world today without the internet ??

Now we shall wait and see which digital currencies the world will adopt for global use.

There are many coins vying for the top spot, however Bitcoin is firmly there at the top, followed by the originals, Ethereum & Ripple.  The newcomers to the Top 5 are Bitcoin Cash and EOS.  Litecoin, invented by Charlie Lee, formerly of Google, has now moved out of the Top 5 by CAP, however they are seeking to regain their place with some interesting Consumer Adoption Strategies

The are many other altcoins now as they are known, however it will take a few years to see which coins last and which do not.


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