What Is CryptoCopyright ?

CryptoCopyright is a patent pending technology that is built upon the underlying technologies that make up various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Namecoin, AsicCoin amongst many others.

Each Crypto Currency has a unique “Blockchain” specific to that individual currency.  The blockchain is basically a public ledger system that is used to verify transactions throughout the network to ensure double spending does not take place (as it relates to currency) and that all transactions are verifiable by looking up and confirming the date, time, address and amount.

Having the ability to inject transaction into the blockchain enables us to do so with secure hashes for documents, creating a trusted time stamp of a the original document(s) that can be publically verified for proof of creation and ownership.

Think of any creative work you make, a song, picture, document, photograph… they are all your Intellectual property provided you have a way to verify the origin, date and prove that you are the original author = CryptoCopyright

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